What Is Required?

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll need to do!

    1. 1. Have a heart to reach children with the Gospel?
      1. *You will be the Certified TKC Teacher for grades ranging 3rd-6th
    2. 2. Attend our Online Leadership Training!
      1. *Click the TRAINING tab to get more information.
    3. 3. You will need some volunteers!
      1. *Get approval with a local school or church for a place to implement the club.
      2. *Round up some folks who are on fire for Jesus and love working with kids to be your Table Leaders.

    Join us on the GOSPEL JOURNEY

    TAG Kids’ Club is a privately-sponsored program, and is not endorsed or sponsored by any school district. This program is made available on the same terms and conditions as other privately-sponsored programs with activities of interest to children and parents.