Volunteer Missionary Teacher

Volunteer Missionary Teacher

TAG Kids’ Club (TKC) Missionary Teachers are called by God to:

  • Teach children God’s Word.
  • Teach children about salvation through Christ Jesus.
  • Reach America’s children who have not yet heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Steps to take as a Volunteer Certified Missionary Teacher:



  • Pray about God’s calling upon you to be a TKC Missionary Teacher.
  • Enlist several others to pray with and for you.
  • Discuss this calling with your pastor.


  • Complete the application to become a TKC Missionary Teacher.
  • Ask your pastor to complete the Personal Reference Form – Click here to download the form >>>
  • Complete a face-to-face interview or phone interview with two TKC board members.
  • Once approved, TKC will send you a link to complete your final application which includes your training costs and personal background check before attending a TKC Leadership Training.


  • Attend a TKC Leadership Training.
  • Begin a local TAG Kids’ Club. (You can begin a small TKC within your church during Sunday school or in a Christian school.  The best way to become familiar with the curriculum is to teach it.)

 TAG’s Team offers a one-day Leadership Training for adults who have a desire to implement a TAG Kids’ Club in their local schools. We provide follow up to assist in implementation.

 TKC materials incorporate all the learning styles and engage the students interactively with fun, Go-and-Tell crafts, games, and exciting lessons with music, drama, skits, hand motions, interactive Scripture learning, and more! The kids’ activity books are offered at no charge to the school or the children. You pay shipping only.

TAG Kids’ Club lasts only one hour per week for 12 weeks. What makes it work is the volunteer partnerships with local churches in your community.

Guidelines for Beginning as a Volunteer Missionary Teacher

Semester One: Organize and Begin a TAG Kids’ Club in a local school or church.

  • Choose your location: church or school. Receive permission to meet and teach there.
  • Invite and select volunteer team leaders. Complete their background checks.  Arrange a training meeting with them.
  • Seek other volunteers to help with snacks, materials, attendance, transportation (if needed), etc.
  • Gather materials for the first few lessons. Assemble room decorations, posters, craft boxes, etc.  Materials for later sessions can be gathered on a weekly basis.
  • Invite children to attend. Send home permission forms.
  • Create your small groups. One volunteer team leader for each 3-4 children.
  • Begin teaching lessons.


Semester Two: Build on what you have taught from semester one.

TKC offers a three-year plan. TKC has found that repetition is very important to help elementary aged children understand the gospel.

  • 1st year: TAG Kids’ Club has found through years of teaching that boys and girls retained head knowledge about who Jesus is.
  • 2nd year: TKC has found that when teaching the same kids in the second year, they are better prepared to understand and trust Jesus alone as their personal Lord and Savior.
  • 3rd year: The kids are better able to share the gospel with family and friends as a way of life. This is heart and soul of TAG Kids’ Club.