How We Do It

TAG’s Team offers a one-day Leadership Training for adults who have a desire to implement a TAG Kids’ Club in their local schools. We provide follow up to assist in implementation.

TAG Kids’ Club materials incorporate all the learning styles and engage the students interactively with art, go and tell crafts, music, drama, skits, hand motions, interactive Scripture learning and more! Best of all, the Kids’ activity books are offered at no charge to the school or the children. You pay shipping only.

TAG Kids’ Club lasts only one hour per week for 12 weeks. What makes it work is the volunteer partnerships with local churches in your community.


  • 1 Certified Teacher (That’s you!)
  • 1 Volunteer (Team Leader) for each 4 kids
    example: a program with 40 kids will need 10 Team Leaders
  • 1 Place – public or private school, church, non-profit, or other setting
  • 1 Hour a week
  • 1 Kids’ Club for children in Grades 3-6

The TKC Curriculum may be repeated in two semesters of the school year or may be done only once per year.

It can also be adapted for Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Schools, Sunday School, and other avenues for children’s ministry.

Kids come to TKC: same place, same time and day each week, and have the same Team Leader (adult volunteer) each week.

Children have a special place in Jesus’ heart.

(Mark 10:13-16)

The Bible is the very heart of TAG Kids’ Club

A wonderful added blessing is that many of the adults who volunteer will deepen their understanding of the Gospel and also learn how to effectively share their faith.