Full-Time State Director


Full-Time State Director

TAG Kids’ Club (TKC) State Directors are called by God to:

  • Equip Teachers to teach children God’s Word.
  • Teach children about salvation through Christ Jesus.
  • Reach America’s children who have not yet heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Steps to take as a Full-Time State Director:


  • Pray about God’s calling upon you to be a TKC State Director.

  • Enlist several others to pray with and for you.

  • Discuss this calling with your pastor.


  • Complete the application to become a TKC State Director.
  • Ask your pastor to complete the Personal Reference Form – Click here to download the form >>>
  • Complete a face-to-face interview or phone interview with two TKC board members.
  • Once approved, TKC will send you a link to complete your final application which includes your training costs and personal background check before attending a TKC Leadership Training.


  • Attend a TKC Leadership Training.
  • Begin a local TAG Kids’ Club as a volunteer while completing the steps below. (You can simplify this step by beginning a small TKC within your church during Sunday school or in a Christian school.  The best way to become familiar with the curriculum is to teach it.)


  • Receive training for Ministry Partner Development (MPD). TKC requires all staff to complete “Support Raising Solutions bootcamp” or online “Kingdom Come Training” for their MPD.
  • State Director candidates expected to pay the fees for their training. If the candidate is unable to pay the fees upfront TKC may offer a loan for the fees, but will deduct the training fees when your funds are raised and before your monthly salary begins. If the candidate decides to drop out of the program, the candidate is still obligated to repay the loan.

*  All TKC Staff and Missionary Teachers raise their own support within the guidelines of TKC.  God will supply to those He calls!


  • Once ministry funds are raised, your monthly salary will begin. You will work toward the goals set forth under “Guidelines for Beginning as a Full-Time State Director.”


  • Continue to reach the goals set under “Guidelines for Beginning as a Full-Time State Director.”

Guidelines for Beginning as a Full-Time State Director

  • Become a TKC Missionary Teacher with a goal to become a trainer to equip and train the teachers.
  • Choose your location: church or school. Receive permission to meet and teach there.
  • Invite and select volunteer team leaders. Complete their background checks.  Arrange a training meeting with them.
  • Seek other volunteers to help with snacks, materials, attendance, transportation (if needed), etc.
  • Gather materials for the first few lessons. Assemble room decorations, posters, craft boxes, etc.  Materials for later sessions can be gathered on a weekly basis.
  • Invite children to attend. Send home permission forms.
  • Create your small groups. One volunteer team leader for each 3-4 children.
  • Begin teaching lessons.
  • In second month of teaching, begin to recruit Missionary teachers to seek an additional location for next semester. Goal for second semester is two TAG Kids’
  • Look for potential TKC volunteers to serve with you as volunteer, Part-Time or Full-Time Missionary Teachers.
  • Develop a communication network (such as monthly electronic newsletters) with ministry partners, local families and churches.
  • The primary goal is implementing at least 15 TAG Kids’ Clubs per year. Implementation is defined as completing the first semester of TAG Kids’ Club.


On-going TKC Full-Time State Director’s Responsibilities:

  • Full-Time TKC State Directors will continue to reach the goals determined in the above guidelines.
  • Full-Time TKC State Directors will establish additional goals that will multiply the TKC Ministry in their state.
  • Full-Time State Director will continue to reach the goals determined in the above guidelines.
  • Regularly share the gospel as a way of life.
  • Exhibit a pleasing personality, motivational gifts, and inter-personal grace
  • Be a self-starter demonstrating leadership abilities
  • Develop relationships with pastors, headmasters and superintendents and assist them with implementation and on-going health of TKC.
  • Able to relate to pastors and churches of diverse denominational affiliations.
  • Willing and able to cooperate with the leadership and policies of TKC.



  • Full-Time TAG Kids’ Club (TKC) State Directors work 40+ hours per week. The allowable compensation salary is $75,000 annually. (Salary can be adjusted to accommodate cost-of-living and family budget/needs.)
  • Salary and ministry expense funds are raised by the state director via Ministry Partner Development.
  • Assignment begins when 100% of the monthly fund goal +a 4-month missionary fund balance are achieved.
  • Funds raised are subject to an administration fee of 7%.


Training and Accountability:

TKC State Directors will have the counsel of an experienced TKC mentor/leader, working together to accomplish Year One Guidelines. 

* If these responsibilities are not carried out, the TKC State Director will be placed on a probationary status for one year.  If after the year of probation, these goals are not accomplished, the TKC State Director relationship with TKC will be reevaluated by the Board and a recommendation made about continuing or not continuing the relationship between TKC and the TKC State director.